The Rebirth of Land of the Art

It has been like two years since I stopped this blog to focus in other things.
I had an idea. I have been planning the last videoseries, and with that came an idea.
The last video I will make in that style will be a Conclusion, where I will put my favourite artworks, selected among all the videos.
Then I thought... I will continue getting favourite artworks, discovering. So, maybe that is the direction that the fb page Land of the Art should take, to post my favourite artworks. Then maybe I should open a blog for that.
Or not. I could use this blog.

I have compiled all the commentaries in a tab in the upper part, called Commentaries List. Now the label part in the right side will be different. I am still dealing if I should delete the commentaries, since I have them in pdf, or let that list. For now I'll let the list, because I'm not going to start with this until summer of next year, when my university career is done and all the videos are done.

Why am I writting this now then? Well, I just couldn't wait. The form of the final blog will be worked when the time comes. For now I just wanted to post the announcement and let the list done.

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