San Francisco by Joaquín Campos

San Francisco by Joaquín Campos

            This painting of San Francisco belongs to the Spanish painter Joaquín Campos, dating from the XIX century, concretely 1809.
This commentary will be slightly different from previous ones, due that I have photos taken in person, so I will focus more on the state of the painting. It has been impossible to find pictures of this painting in Internet, so I had to photoshop it as I could one of the pictures to make it look relatively well, although the photos were made with a mobile.
The painting represents San Francisco, founder of the Franciscan Order, with their typical dress. Angels appear as puttis, and also a lamb, pure animal. It is a religious painting.
It is an oil on canvas. The support is a large format canvas. The preparation layer is a layer of reddish preparation (I am a bit colorblind and I dare not say whether red or brown, but I think it was red). The dimensions are approximately 165 cms wide and five of background counting the weed. The high has been impossible due to its large size and the inability to take down the painting.

            It dates from the XIX century, concretely, the year 1809. The author is Joaquín Campos. The firm says Joag Campos fecit 1809 with various symbols.

            It is in the Church of Santo Domingo, at the bottom of one of the naves. Its function is religious. It is owned by a religious entity. It consists of a wooden embroidery frame and a decorative frame I think it is trimmered silver, although I'm not sure.

Its condition is good, although with some wears. The canvas has small areas with cracks, breaks, absences...

The painting has fallen in various areas
Areas with cracks and fissures

The layer of preparation is in apparent good condition. The pictorial layer is in risk of landslides and loss of painting along with various small cracks. The protective layer or varnish is matte varnish I think. A picture where you can see the brightness:

I could not see behind due to the large format, but have a picture of the frame. What I've seen peering behind as I could has been that it is hollow, so it can not be painting on wood with attached cloth, it must be canvas.

Other images of specific parts of the painting


            In conclusion, this is simply because I had to do this work for university, and so I take the chance of publish it, to post a commentary of a painting seen in person. The author and this painting are virtually unknown.
It is in the Church of Santo Domingo in Murcia, Spain.

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