Apollo and the Nymphs by François Girardon

Apollo and the Nymphs by François Girardon

        The sculpture of Apollo and the Nymphs is an artwork of French Baroque sculptor François Girardon. It was made in the XVII century. It is a monumental marble sculpture, as was sculpted for the Palace of Versailles.
In this sculpture you can see Apollo in the center, while nymphs are treating, caring, washing him. There is a perfect harmony in the scene, and that all the parts are well complemented and there's nothing left. Apolo must be taking much pleasure in his situation, with all the nymphs caring for what he is, a god.
During the reign of Louis XIV, the sculpture is centralized at Versailles. Follow the guidelines set by the painter Lebrun. Under the direction of Lebrun work in decorating the park of Versailles a large number of sculptors, among them, François Girardon, the author of this sculpture.

In Baroque sculpture is broken the Michelangelesque balance. Baroque sculpture is subordinate to architecture, seeking the picturesque effect of the whole. Contributes to encourage architectural aesthetics, with plans and clothes that move with the resulting lighting effects. It is what is called integration of arts.
The term Baroque is not known exactly where it comes from, but it defines the opposition to classical art. The XVII century is the century of its spread throughout Europe. The XVIII century is partly baroque, partly rococo, which is heavily charged. It all started in Rome, Italy, and came to Latin America. At the Council of Trent used the arts to close more and levied upon the Protestants.

         In conclusion, this work quite unknown is for me a great artwork of Baroque, overcoming many that actually are more important. It seems that the sculptures of pagan themes have remained in second place against Christian sculptures, although Bernini is the exception.
           It is located in the National Museum of Chateau Versailles, in France.

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