About the music in Mesopotamia

About the music in Mesopotamia

Musicians in Mesopotamia had great prestige. Their favorite instrument was the harp. Also have been found many liras, some very large with a bull shape. Lyres were mostly of angled shape, with soundboard at the top and played with four or seven strings. They also played the lute called pantur in Sumerian, with a long neck and small soundboard, usually played by women.

As wind instruments, they used flutes, oboes and trumpets. It is believed that they related the music with planets. And harmony and chord similar to the current scale was used. As for percussion, metal pots were used as drums. About the music in Syria, the Hymn of Ugarit is known as the oldest song in the world.
The Mesopotamian civilization was developed around the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Due to the constant wars, they didn’t achieve a constant political unity. Since the VI century, subdued and dominated by the Persians, ceases to exist as an independent civilization and begins to live within the Persian culture.

            In conclusion, the music in Antiquity will always be a mystery, but the pictorial and sculptural manifestations are proof that existed and they had their instruments. The bull-headed harps are interesting, and even more so is that the called Hymn of Ugarit is the world's oldest composition.

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